Zines from a growing number of artists focusing on interpretation of space.
Odd Space(s)


This partnership comprises forty artists from a variety of communities, representing a range of practices including painting, drawing, printmaking, letterpress, book arts, video, performance art, and installation work. .

We are using a zine format as a unifying means to address the idea of “Odd Space(s).” It is a term intended to be open for broad interpretation, but in general, this project address the following: notions about location, physical or metaphysical space, human interaction with place, psychogeography, factors that denote inclusion or exclusion, hierarchies, etc.  We are committed to using this format as a vehicle for differing positions to exist in concert with each other.  We feel that the act of working together is proactive and speaks to our desire for civility, respect, and empathy

While some of our books deviate dimensionally, most of the books are approximately 5.5” x 8.5” and no more than .5” thick when folded. Our website serves as an online exhibition of the project. For on-site installation, we have four free-standing folding portable magazine shelves to house the books. Three of these stands are intended to manage our books. The fourth stand could be used to show zines made by community members from the hosting venue as a result of possible on-site workshops. Books on display may be handled. We have funding to support one to three members of our group to participate in an artist talk and/or a community workshop in conjunction with the exhibition. Interactive components can be remote via ZOOM or in-person. We also have funding to cover all shipping costs.

Lizzy Albertson, UT

Madeleine Atchley, TX

Gwen Davis Barrios, UT

Gary Barton, UT

Jennifer Hillam Barton, UT

Claudine Bigelow, UT

Shannon Brown, CA

Linnie Brown, UT

Fidalis Buehler, UT

Brian Christensen, UT

Nuala Clarke, IRE

Brian Cohen, PA

Maddison Colvin, OR

Jordyn Eckman, UT

Jeffery Hampshire, UT

Julian Harper, IN

Karina Hean, NM

Carla Jimison, ID

Joanna Kidney, IRE

Jorge Lucero, PA

Chris Lynn, UT

Madeline Lytle, UT

Melanie Mowinski, MA

Hannah Ostraff, UT

Joseph Ostraff, UT

Melinda Ostraff, UT

Josh Ostraff, VA

Zac Ostraff, TX

Kaleb Ostraff, IL

Jenny Ostraff, UT

Linda Reynolds, UT

Michelle Rowley, UK

Madeline Rupard, NY

Scott Samuelson, ID

Dalila Sanabria, FL

Winter Starr, UT

Jen Watson, UT

Sally Weaver, UK

Ricey Wright, CA

Marissa Albrecht, CA

Sarah Stoddard, UT